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  1. Photo of Hans-Jürgen Syberberg

    Hans-Jürgen Syberberg Director

  2. Photo of Annie Nap-Oleon

    Annie Nap-Oleon Producer

  3. Photo of Richard Wagner

    Richard Wagner Screenplay, Music

  4. Photo of Igor Luther

    Igor Luther Cinematography

  5. Photo of Armin Jordan

    Armin Jordan Cast

  6. Photo of Robert Lloyd

    Robert Lloyd Cast

  7. Photo of Martin Sperr

    Martin Sperr Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Kutter

    Michael Kutter Cast

  9. Photo of Edith Clever

    Edith Clever Cast

  10. Photo of Stephanie Corler

    Stephanie Corler Cast

  11. Photo of Anahita Farroschad

    Anahita Farroschad Cast

  12. Photo of Miriam Feldman

    Miriam Feldman Cast

  13. Photo of Johanna Fink

    Johanna Fink Cast

  14. Photo of Thomas Fink

    Thomas Fink Cast

  15. Photo of Rudolph Gabler

    Rudolph Gabler Cast

  16. Photo of Monika Gärtner

    Monika Gärtner Cast

  17. Photo of Reiner Goldberg

    Reiner Goldberg Cast

  18. Photo of Alexandra Grunsberg

    Alexandra Grunsberg Cast

  19. Photo of Aage Haugland

    Aage Haugland Cast

  20. Photo of Eva Kessler

    Eva Kessler Cast

  21. Photo of Vivian Kintisch

    Vivian Kintisch Cast

  22. Photo of Catharina Klemm

    Catharina Klemm Cast

  23. Photo of Judith Klemm

    Judith Klemm Cast

  24. Photo of Karin Krick

    Karin Krick Cast

  25. Photo of Sabine Kueckelmann

    Sabine Kueckelmann Cast

  26. Photo of Martina Lanzinger

    Martina Lanzinger Cast

  27. Photo of David Luther

    David Luther Cast

  28. Photo of Isabelle Malbrun

    Isabelle Malbrun Cast

  29. Photo of David Meyer

    David Meyer Cast

  30. Photo of Yvonne Minton

    Yvonne Minton Cast

  31. Photo of Antonia Preser

    Antonia Preser Cast

  32. Photo of Catharina Preser

    Catharina Preser Cast

  33. Photo of Caroline Riollot

    Caroline Riollot Cast

  34. Photo of Guillemette Riollot

    Guillemette Riollot Cast

  35. Photo of Sofia Romani

    Sofia Romani Cast

  36. Photo of Bruno Romani-Versteeg

    Bruno Romani-Versteeg Cast

  37. Photo of Judith Schmidt

    Judith Schmidt Cast

  38. Photo of Wolfgang Schöne

    Wolfgang Schöne Cast

  39. Photo of Claudia Schumann

    Claudia Schumann Cast

  40. Photo of Bettina Stiller

    Bettina Stiller Cast

  41. Photo of Amelie Syberberg

    Amelie Syberberg Cast

  42. Photo of Anya Tölle

    Anya Tölle Cast

  43. Photo of Urban von Klebelsberg

    Urban von Klebelsberg Cast

  44. Photo of Sophie von Uslar

    Sophie von Uslar Cast

  45. Photo of Anette Woll

    Anette Woll Cast

  46. Photo of Jutta Brandstaedter

    Jutta Brandstaedter Editing

  47. Photo of Marianne Fehrenberg

    Marianne Fehrenberg Editing

  48. Photo of Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo

    Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo Music