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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Parsifal

    Syberberg's idea of using a recording of Wagner's "Parsifal" as background for the actors (with their mimicked singing) leads to fantastic scenic ideas which you never find on the opera stage - like the play with gender ambiguity and Parsifal's transformation into a woman in the second act. Furthermore, the powerful staging relies on some of the visual metaphors Syberberg has introduced in his Hitler film.

  2. dionysus67's rating of the film Parsifal

    Syberberg's kitsch cornucopia achieves here rare heights of grandeur, as he indulges in an exaltation of German mysticism honoring 'Lebensphilosophie' to the fullest! In line with 'Hitler', he musters a variety of dazzling techniques (back projections, puppets, long takes) that utilize all sorts of symbolisms (swastikas included). Parsifal is androgynously casted and the great E.Clever plays Kundry. Extraordinary!

  3. Michael Convery's rating of the film Parsifal

    After the self-destruction of western culture in Our Hitler, Parsifal seems to show the redemption of western culture, or at least the memory of it at its zenith in a rapture of music.

  4. Nohea's rating of the film Parsifal