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Ratings & Reviews

  1. msmichel's rating of the film Partition

    Canadian funded take on India's policy of partition post '47 and how it affected a pair of 'star-crossed lovers' is unfortunately quite banal. Production values are adequate but the stories lack of novelty and demonization of one faith sink it. Kristin Kreuk is quite good here though controversially at time of release is not of Indian or Pakistan heritage.

  2. Keith Youngberg's rating of the film Partition

    Acting was not the best, but I give it four stars because of the strong element of emotion.

  3. Noorjahan's rating of the film Partition

    Could have been a lot better, at times it felt a bit bloated when there was no real need for it, as the story would have told itself.

  4. aureliandroid's rating of the film Partition