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  1. Photo of Chang Jung-chi

    Chang Jung-chi Director

  2. Photo of Rick Lei

    Rick Lei Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Chan Ye-cheng

    Chan Ye-cheng Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Crystal Chang

    Crystal Chang Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Charles Hu

    Charles Hu Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Max Fang

    Max Fang Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Lin Tien-kuei

    Lin Tien-kuei Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Ason Chen

    Ason Chen Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Tung Szu-mei

    Tung Szu-mei Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Jacky Pang

    Jacky Pang Producer

  11. Photo of Wolf Chen

    Wolf Chen Producer

  12. Photo of Wu Chien-ho

    Wu Chien-ho Cast

  13. Photo of Deng Yu-kai

    Deng Yu-kai Cast

  14. Photo of Cheng Kai-yuan

    Cheng Kai-yuan Cast

  15. Photo of Yao Ai-ning

    Yao Ai-ning Cast

  16. Photo of Sunny Hung

    Sunny Hung Cast

  17. Photo of Wen Chen-ling

    Wen Chen-ling Cast

  18. Photo of Monica Kao

    Monica Kao Screenplay

  19. Photo of Shaballe Kao

    Shaballe Kao Screenplay

  20. Photo of Jimmy Yu

    Jimmy Yu Cinematography

  21. Photo of Nyssa Li

    Nyssa Li Editing

  22. Photo of Tu Duu-Chih

    Tu Duu-Chih Sound

  23. Photo of Wen Tzu-chieh

    Wen Tzu-chieh Music

  24. Photo of Wu Rou-yun

    Wu Rou-yun Production Design