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  1. Photo of Nisse Hirn

    Nisse Hirn Screenplay

  2. Photo of Johannes Linnankoski

    Johannes Linnankoski Screenplay

  3. Photo of Regina Linnanheimo

    Regina Linnanheimo Cast

  4. Photo of Kullervo Kalske

    Kullervo Kalske Cast

  5. Photo of Eric Gustafson

    Eric Gustafson Cast

  6. Photo of Aku Peltonen

    Aku Peltonen Cast

  7. Photo of Elli Ylimaa

    Elli Ylimaa Cast

  8. Photo of Oscar Tengström

    Oscar Tengström Cast

  9. Photo of Kaija Suonio

    Kaija Suonio Cast

  10. Photo of Lauri Korpela

    Lauri Korpela Cast

  11. Photo of Ruth Luoma-Aho

    Ruth Luoma-Aho Cast

  12. Photo of Matti Oravisto

    Matti Oravisto Cast

  13. Photo of Osmo Harkimo

    Osmo Harkimo Cinematography

  14. Photo of Tauno Marttinen

    Tauno Marttinen Music

  15. Photo of Kosti Aaltonen

    Kosti Aaltonen Production Design

  16. Photo of Teuvo Tulio

    Teuvo Tulio Editing, Director Producer

  17. Photo of Ensio Lumes

    Ensio Lumes Sound