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  1. Photo of Boris Yermolayev

    Boris Yermolayev Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Valentin Kataev

    Valentin Kataev Story

  3. Photo of Margarita Terekhova

    Margarita Terekhova Cast

  4. Photo of Aleksandr Ignatyev

    Aleksandr Ignatyev Cast

  5. Photo of Valentin Nikulin

    Valentin Nikulin Cast

  6. Photo of Vladimir Menshov

    Vladimir Menshov Cast

  7. Photo of Valentina Malyavina

    Valentina Malyavina Cast

  8. Photo of Yuriy Katin-Yartsev

    Yuriy Katin-Yartsev Cast

  9. Photo of Alla Osipenko

    Alla Osipenko Cast

  10. Photo of Vatslav Dvorzhetsky

    Vatslav Dvorzhetsky Cast

  11. Photo of Olegar Fedoro

    Olegar Fedoro Cast

  12. Photo of Larisa Polyakova

    Larisa Polyakova Cast

  13. Photo of Boris Kocherov

    Boris Kocherov Cinematography

  14. Photo of Moisey Vaynberg

    Moisey Vaynberg Music

  15. Photo of Pavel Ilyshev

    Pavel Ilyshev Production Design

  16. Photo of Aleksandr Nekhoroshev

    Aleksandr Nekhoroshev Sound