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  1. Photo of Les Clark

    Les Clark Director

  2. Photo of Lance Nolley

    Lance Nolley Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ted Berman

    Ted Berman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Thurl Ravenscroft

    Thurl Ravenscroft Cast

  5. Photo of George Bruns

    George Bruns Music

  6. Photo of Tom Adair

    Tom Adair Music

  7. Photo of Walt Disney

    Walt Disney Producer

  8. Photo of Bob Abrams

    Bob Abrams Animation

  9. Photo of Eyvind Earle

    Eyvind Earle Animation

  10. Photo of George Goepper

    George Goepper Animation

  11. Photo of Jerry Hathcock

    Jerry Hathcock Animation

  12. Photo of Jack Huber

    Jack Huber Animation

  13. Photo of Ken Hultgren

    Ken Hultgren Animation

  14. Photo of Homer Jonas

    Homer Jonas Animation

  15. Photo of Fred Kopietz

    Fred Kopietz Animation

  16. Photo of George Nicholas

    George Nicholas Animation

  17. Photo of Tom Oreb

    Tom Oreb Animation

  18. Photo of Jack Parr

    Jack Parr Animation

  19. Photo of Walt Peregoy

    Walt Peregoy Animation

  20. Photo of John Sibley

    John Sibley Animation

  21. Photo of Robert W. Youngquist

    Robert W. Youngquist Animation

  22. Photo of Jack Boyd

    Jack Boyd Animation