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  1. Photo of Livio Bordone

    Livio Bordone Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Angelo Orlando Meloni

    Angelo Orlando Meloni Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gaetano Amato

    Gaetano Amato Cast

  4. Photo of Giuseppe Antignati

    Giuseppe Antignati Cast

  5. Photo of Elio Germano

    Elio Germano Cast

  6. Photo of Valentina Gristina

    Valentina Gristina Cast

  7. Photo of Corinna Locastro

    Corinna Locastro Cast

  8. Photo of Regina Orioli

    Regina Orioli Cast

  9. Photo of Arturo Paglia

    Arturo Paglia Cast and Producer

  10. Photo of Marco Carosi

    Marco Carosi Cinematography

  11. Photo of Puccio Pucci

    Puccio Pucci Music

  12. Photo of Andrea Sisti

    Andrea Sisti Music

  13. Photo of Ivana Gargiulo

    Ivana Gargiulo Production Design

  14. Photo of Isabella Cocuzza

    Isabella Cocuzza Producer

  15. Photo of Mario Mazzarotto

    Mario Mazzarotto Producer

  16. Photo of Giuseppe Pagano

    Giuseppe Pagano Editing

  17. Photo of Ludovica Amati

    Ludovica Amati Costume Design