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Ratings & Reviews

  1. matelot's rating of the film Pavilion

  2. Nick Potter's rating of the film Pavilion

    Not your average slice-of-life or coming-of-age film. While it's beautifully shot, don't expect to remember many details as not much is happening. Whatever the film is trying to say, at least it's honest.

  3. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Pavilion

    Nothing-Core: A film about nobodies, doing relatively nothing, in a plotless way. Good for an after-lunch daze.

  4. klofter's rating of the film Pavilion

    Quite good. The slice-of-life approach works better in some places than others, but you have to admire the director's commitment to point of view. The face that the movie forgoes all "events" and only shows us what happens in between plot points (exactly what movies usually ignore) makes this more compelling than Pavilion probably has any right to be.

  5. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Pavilion

  6. SueRay's rating of the film Pavilion

    Brought back all my good memories of skating and riding bikes as a teenager!

  7. RandyS's rating of the film Pavilion

    Slice of life about youth with beautiful cinematography and a good soundtrack. I didn't find it very compelling, yet it shows potential.

  8. Dodd Alley's rating of the film Pavilion

    One could argue this is a movie about nothing, but I saw it as about so much. The camera perspective is "fly on the wall" with no apparent script. We simply observe teens doing their thing. However, this is hardly boring. I found it to be rather hypnotic.

  9. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Pavilion

    A nice slice of life. Shows great potential.

  10. OLIVER-J's rating of the film Pavilion

    very good. a lyrical and vivid portrait of youth, with some fucking killer images - strong stuff, bicycles abound. moves along at the pace of a carefree summer just as it should.

  11. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Pavilion

    Ghost-like showcase of youth in AZ. The images are stellar and the rhythm of the movie is hypnotic. The quietness of the narrative is admirable and definitely unique to other quiet "indie" movies. Really not much to hate here, except that the conflict of the movie is barely there and if it went on longer, I would have shot myself. Other than that, very solid effort. I'll be looking forward for more from Tim Sutton.

  12. Harry Rossi's rating of the film Pavilion

    A really quiet summer movie with the structure of Slacker where ennui is the enemy. The beauty of the images are something to strongly admire. I really liked the themes and the ideas behind this film but it's good it wasn't longer than 70 minutes, theres only so much I could take. A very well done film, thats not for everyone but that I personally enjoyed immensely.