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  1. Photo of Brian Helgeland

    Brian Helgeland Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Terry Hayes

    Terry Hayes Screenplay

  3. Photo of Donald E. Westlake

    Donald E. Westlake Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mel Gibson

    Mel Gibson Cast

  5. Photo of Gregg Henry

    Gregg Henry Cast

  6. Photo of Maria Bello

    Maria Bello Cast

  7. Photo of Deborah Kara Unger

    Deborah Kara Unger Cast

  8. Photo of William Devane

    William Devane Cast

  9. Photo of David Paymer

    David Paymer Cast

  10. Photo of Bill Duke

    Bill Duke Cast

  11. Photo of Lucy Liu

    Lucy Liu Cast

  12. Photo of James Coburn

    James Coburn Cast

  13. Photo of John Glover

    John Glover Cast

  14. Photo of Jack Conley

    Jack Conley Cast

  15. Photo of Kris Kristofferson

    Kris Kristofferson Cast

  16. Photo of Freddy Rodríguez

    Freddy Rodríguez Cast

  17. Photo of Ericson Core

    Ericson Core Cinematography

  18. Photo of Chris Boardman

    Chris Boardman Music

  19. Photo of Richard Hoover

    Richard Hoover Production Design

  20. Photo of Bruce Davey

    Bruce Davey Producer

  21. Photo of Stephen McEveety

    Stephen McEveety Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Kevin Stitt

    Kevin Stitt Editing