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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Douglas Reese's rating of the film Pazuzu

    Watch here:

  2. DeneIIe Kjellman's rating of the film Pazuzu

    Funny and sad at the same time. Douglas is amazing in this.

  3. Ryan Jamison's rating of the film Pazuzu

    A very entertaining piece of dialogue-based filmmaking that over long continuous shots displays the lead characters and everything about them simply through natural conversation. It also reaches an emotional note toward the end that makes it more than just a fun little watch. It has minor flaws but overall it achieves its goal quite impressively.

  4. M. Haberfelner's rating of the film Pazuzu

    Full of little embarassing moments, conversations that shouldn't go the way they go, situations that are totally misunderstood by both, gestures that come out all wrong and the like - and that's what makes this movie so accessible, as until its dramatic bombshell at the climax, the whole thing remains very light-footed, even slightly amusing.