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  1. Photo of Jacques Boigelot

    Jacques Boigelot Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Marie Gevers

    Marie Gevers Screenplay

  3. Photo of René Wheeler

    René Wheeler Screenplay

  4. Photo of Christian Barbier

    Christian Barbier Cast

  5. Photo of Georges Poujouly

    Georges Poujouly Cast

  6. Photo of Claire Wauthion

    Claire Wauthion Cast

  7. Photo of Héléna Manson

    Héléna Manson Cast

  8. Photo of Arlette Schreiber

    Arlette Schreiber Cast

  9. Photo of Nicole Valberg

    Nicole Valberg Cast

  10. Photo of Lucien Raimbourg

    Lucien Raimbourg Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Uy

    Paul Uy Music

  12. Photo of Philippe Collette

    Philippe Collette Producer and Cinematography

  13. Photo of Jacques de Pauw

    Jacques de Pauw Producer

  14. Photo of Monique Dodemont

    Monique Dodemont Editing

  15. Photo of Denise Vindevogel

    Denise Vindevogel Editing