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Ratings & Reviews

  1. jeffbucklee's rating of the film Peaceful Warrior

    I WOULDN'T EVEN GIVE THIS A STAR it sucks -10000/10 would not reccomend

  2. Altair D.T's rating of the film Peaceful Warrior

    "La muerte no es triste, lo triste es que la mayoría de personas no llegan a vivir" Un destacado drama deportivo con excelentes diálogos, construidos a través de un personaje admirable, Soc. Reflexiones filosóficas y apreciaciones de la vida nos envuelven en un film rico en diálogos y textos, pero pobre en su cinematografía, caracterizada por una fotografía protocolaria y un montaje poco eficiente.

  3. MAO1's rating of the film Peaceful Warrior

  4. gencorkun's rating of the film Peaceful Warrior

    It is hard to review this self-help genre. It is simply because there are all sorts of messages to be transferred to the audience and there were also points in this movie where I felt like pausing, running down to grab a pen and paper and resume the movie while taking notes. Was the movie inspirational? As much as a good self-help book. Still, I prefer to read a book if I need that type of inspiration.