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  1. Photo of Michael Bay

    Michael Bay Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Mike Stenson

    Mike Stenson Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Randall Wallace

    Randall Wallace Executive Producer and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jerry Bruckheimer

    Jerry Bruckheimer Producer

  5. Photo of John Schwartzman

    John Schwartzman Cinematography

  6. Photo of Roger Barton

    Roger Barton Editing

  7. Photo of Mark Goldblatt

    Mark Goldblatt Editing

  8. Photo of Chris Lebenzon

    Chris Lebenzon Editing

  9. Photo of Steven Rosenblum

    Steven Rosenblum Editing

  10. Photo of Hans Zimmer

    Hans Zimmer Music

  11. Photo of Nigel Phelps

    Nigel Phelps Production Design

  12. Photo of Ben Affleck

    Ben Affleck Cast

  13. Photo of Josh Hartnett

    Josh Hartnett Cast

  14. Photo of Kate Beckinsale

    Kate Beckinsale Cast

  15. Photo of Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Cuba Gooding Jr. Cast

  16. Photo of Jon Voight

    Jon Voight Cast

  17. Photo of Alec Baldwin

    Alec Baldwin Cast

  18. Photo of Tom Sizemore

    Tom Sizemore Cast

  19. Photo of William Lee Scott

    William Lee Scott Cast

  20. Photo of Michael Shannon

    Michael Shannon Cast

  21. Photo of Ewen Bremner

    Ewen Bremner Cast

  22. Photo of Jaime King

    Jaime King Cast

  23. Photo of Jennifer Garner

    Jennifer Garner Cast

  24. Photo of Dan Aykroyd

    Dan Aykroyd Cast

  25. Photo of Colm Feore

    Colm Feore Cast

  26. Photo of Mako (Iwamatsu)

    Mako (Iwamatsu) Cast

  27. Photo of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

    Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Cast

  28. Photo of William Fichtner

    William Fichtner Cast

  29. Photo of Greg Zola

    Greg Zola Cast

  30. Photo of Catherine Kellner

    Catherine Kellner Cast

  31. Photo of John Fujioka

    John Fujioka Cast

  32. Photo of Matthew Davis

    Matthew Davis Cast

  33. Photo of Reiley McClendon

    Reiley McClendon Cast

  34. Photo of Graham Beckel

    Graham Beckel Cast

  35. Photo of Beth Grant

    Beth Grant Cast

  36. Photo of Tomas Arana

    Tomas Arana Cast

  37. Photo of John Diehl

    John Diehl Cast

  38. Photo of Peter Firth

    Peter Firth Cast

  39. Photo of Kim Coates

    Kim Coates Cast

  40. Photo of Glenn Morshower

    Glenn Morshower Cast

  41. Photo of Eric Christian Olsen

    Eric Christian Olsen Cast

  42. Photo of Leland Orser

    Leland Orser Cast

  43. Photo of Guy Torry

    Guy Torry Cast

  44. Photo of Peter James Smith

    Peter James Smith Cast

  45. Photo of Pat Healy

    Pat Healy Cast

  46. Photo of Thomas Wilson Brown

    Thomas Wilson Brown Cast

  47. Photo of Sean Faris

    Sean Faris Cast

  48. Photo of Tony Curran

    Tony Curran Cast