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  1. Photo of Jaromil Jireš

    Jaromil Jireš Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Evald Schorm

    Evald Schorm Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Věra Chytilová

    Věra Chytilová Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Jan Němec

    Jan Němec Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Bohumil Hrabal

    Bohumil Hrabal Screenplay and Cast

  6. Photo of Jan Klusák

    Jan Klusák Music

  7. Photo of Jiří Šust

    Jiří Šust Music

  8. Photo of Jaroslav Kučera

    Jaroslav Kučera Cinematography

  9. Photo of Miroslav Hájek

    Miroslav Hájek Editing

  10. Photo of Jirina Lukesová

    Jirina Lukesová Editing

  11. Photo of Oldřich Okáč

    Oldřich Okáč Production Design

  12. Photo of Blazej Bernard

    Blazej Bernard Sound

  13. Photo of Pavla Marsálková

    Pavla Marsálková Cast

  14. Photo of Ferdinand Kruta

    Ferdinand Kruta Cast

  15. Photo of Alois Vachek

    Alois Vachek Cast

  16. Photo of Emil Iserle

    Emil Iserle Cast

  17. Photo of Miroslav Nohýnek

    Miroslav Nohýnek Cast

  18. Photo of Vlasta Spánková

    Vlasta Spánková Cast

  19. Photo of Jiří Menzel

    Jiří Menzel Cast, Director Screenplay

  20. Photo of Milos Ctrnacty

    Milos Ctrnacty Cast

  21. Photo of František Havel

    František Havel Cast

  22. Photo of Josef Hejl

    Josef Hejl Cast

  23. Photo of Jan Vasák

    Jan Vasák Cast

  24. Photo of Jirí Reichl

    Jirí Reichl Cast

  25. Photo of Josefa Pechlatová

    Josefa Pechlatová Cast

  26. Photo of Václav Zák

    Václav Zák Cast

  27. Photo of Ivan Vyskocil

    Ivan Vyskocil Cast

  28. Photo of Antonín Pokorny

    Antonín Pokorny Cast

  29. Photo of Vera Mrázkova

    Vera Mrázkova Cast

  30. Photo of Vladimír Boudník

    Vladimír Boudník Cast

  31. Photo of Alzbeta Lastovková

    Alzbeta Lastovková Cast

  32. Photo of Václav Chochola

    Václav Chochola Cast

  33. Photo of Jan Vala

    Jan Vala Cast

  34. Photo of Ales Kosnar

    Ales Kosnar Cast

  35. Photo of Dana Valtová

    Dana Valtová Cast

  36. Photo of Karel Jerábek

    Karel Jerábek Cast

  37. Photo of Frantisek Prihoda

    Frantisek Prihoda Cast

  38. Photo of Jan Pech

    Jan Pech Cast