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  1. Jordan Kaltz's rating of the film Pecker

  2. Psycoteraphy's rating of the film Pecker

  3. blkrchs's rating of the film Pecker

  4. mimivulturul's rating of the film Pecker

  5. unearthly_red's rating of the film Pecker

    "pubic hair ruins lives!". i don't care if this is called Waters' weakest film, its naivete and fairy-tale-ishness made it a really fun experience

  6. AdrianM.'s rating of the film Pecker

  7. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Pecker

    The thing that makes me mad is that this could be a good movie. It has a good story and good themes, but Waters just directs it so poorly.

  8. James Mackin's rating of the film Pecker

    This film contains a scene in which Christina Ricci yells out "FUCK MODERN ART". Pecker in a nutshell.

  9. DaisyJ's rating of the film Pecker

    Watched it during the phase when I was crushing on Edward Furlong. Not bad but I won't want to watch this again.

  10. sekmadieniaislyja's rating of the film Pecker

    A typical American movie . The only thing that I really enjoyed about this film is Furlong. He's adorable,looks just like young Thom Yorke

  11. josé neves's rating of the film Pecker

    "Desire" list. What an erratic and flawed path dear Edward, but it turns out that "i've got a crush on you, sweetie pie / All the day and night-time give me sigh / I never had the least notion / i could fall with so much emotion. "

  12. Courtney Fly's rating of the film Pecker

    I can always appreciate anything by John Waters. His inspiration comes from the sights and people of his hometown in Baltimore, Maryland. I don't anyone can make that place seem anymore interesting than he does. His films are a fresh breath of air to me.

  13. Harry Rossi's rating of the film Pecker

    Although there are some interesting comments on high vs. low art and the appropriateness of middle America being viewed as "strange" or "artistic" just for being who they are, I have to admit as a whole this was kind of the weakest Waters film I've seen. I still enjoyed it because there were a lot of great jokes, but just not enough. Also the lead was kinda boring. Overall sweet message, but not great Waters.

  14. dario's rating of the film Pecker

    Contrary to his older movies which were edgy, rough and provocative in a kind of adolescent way, this one had something childlike about it, and in a good way. Warm, maybe even innocent and just a little bit naive and cheesy. I would not put it in the same category with A dirty shame which seamed to forced and uninteresting. Martha Plimpton was simply adorable. Really enjoyed watching her. God bless John Waters

  15. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Pecker

  16. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Pecker

    Easily the weakest Waters flick next to "A Dirty Shame." The story is vacant of humor and wit, unlike "Cry-Baby" and "Serial Mom," there's no true moral (if there is it's probably buried beyond recognition), and the "Pecker" character is overall just unappealing.

  17. Duncan Jones's rating of the film Pecker

    This film is generally interpreted as a pedestrian but earnest (read 'soft') satire of the pretensions of the art scene. I find it more interesting to view as a mockery of the crux of the 'dark side of fame' narrative: the cliché that success turns starry-eyed innocents into monsters. ('Don't become an asshole, Pecker. I beg of you, do not become an asshole') Flawed, but deserving of a less patronising reputation.

  18. CANNED LUCIDITY's rating of the film Pecker

    Really enjoyed it for what it was. It may be John Waters lite, but it isn't a lesser work.

  19. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Pecker

    Warm-hearted but rather toothless semi-satire on notions of what constitutes 'art' and associated art world snobberies. Splinters of skewed and dirty Waters logic shine through, but it's generally a (too) straightforward and soft comedy that might make Aunt Edna blush if not walk out.

  20. Nathan Beard's rating of the film Pecker

    I love the Cindy Sherman cameo. It's up there with Jeff Koons' appearance in 'Milk'.

  21. herb shellenberger's rating of the film Pecker

    Such a fun film! I love it. Nice Cindy Sherman cameo too.