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  1. Photo of Usmar Ismail

    Usmar Ismail Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Max Tera

    Max Tera Cinematography

  3. Photo of GRW Sinsu

    GRW Sinsu Music

  4. Photo of Sjaiful Bachri

    Sjaiful Bachri Music

  5. Photo of Bambang Hermanto

    Bambang Hermanto Cast

  6. Photo of Chitra Dewi

    Chitra Dewi Cast

  7. Photo of Rendra Karno

    Rendra Karno Cast

  8. Photo of Bambang Irawan

    Bambang Irawan Cast

  9. Photo of Farida Arriany

    Farida Arriany Cast

  10. Photo of Ismed M.Noor

    Ismed M.Noor Cast

  11. Photo of Lies Noor

    Lies Noor Cast

  12. Photo of Mansjur Sjah

    Mansjur Sjah Cast

  13. Photo of Wolly Sutinah

    Wolly Sutinah Cast

  14. Photo of Ariati

    Ariati Cast

  15. Photo of Hamidy T. Djamil

    Hamidy T. Djamil Cast

  16. Photo of Soendjoto Adibroto

    Soendjoto Adibroto Cast

  17. Photo of Pitrajaya Burnama

    Pitrajaya Burnama Cast