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  1. Photo of Reino Helismaa

    Reino Helismaa Screenplay

  2. Photo of Armand Lohikoski

    Armand Lohikoski Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Esa Pakarinen

    Esa Pakarinen Cast

  4. Photo of Masa Niemi

    Masa Niemi Cast

  5. Photo of Siiri Angerkoski

    Siiri Angerkoski Cast

  6. Photo of Olavi Virta

    Olavi Virta Cast

  7. Photo of Anneli Sauli

    Anneli Sauli Cast

  8. Photo of Tuija Halonen

    Tuija Halonen Cast

  9. Photo of Åke Lindman

    Åke Lindman Cast

  10. Photo of Vihtori Välimäki

    Vihtori Välimäki Cast

  11. Photo of Helli Saikkonen

    Helli Saikkonen Cast

  12. Photo of Unto Kuhankoski

    Unto Kuhankoski Cast

  13. Photo of Lasse Saxelin

    Lasse Saxelin Cast

  14. Photo of Selma Ruusunen

    Selma Ruusunen Cast

  15. Photo of Jalmari Parikka

    Jalmari Parikka Cast

  16. Photo of Hilly Lindqvist

    Hilly Lindqvist Cast

  17. Photo of Juhani Kumpulainen

    Juhani Kumpulainen Cast

  18. Photo of Nestori Lampi

    Nestori Lampi Cast

  19. Photo of Heikki Packalén

    Heikki Packalén Cast

  20. Photo of Laila Rihte

    Laila Rihte Cast

  21. Photo of Fanny Cederberg

    Fanny Cederberg Cast

  22. Photo of Irma Haarala

    Irma Haarala Cast

  23. Photo of Ossi Runne

    Ossi Runne Cast

  24. Photo of Osmo Harkimo

    Osmo Harkimo Cinematography

  25. Photo of Pentti Unho

    Pentti Unho Cinematography

  26. Photo of Toivo Kärki

    Toivo Kärki Music

  27. Photo of Aarre Koivisto

    Aarre Koivisto Production Design

  28. Photo of T.J. Särkkä

    T.J. Särkkä Producer

  29. Photo of Armas Vallasvuo

    Armas Vallasvuo Editing

  30. Photo of Kaarlo Nissilä

    Kaarlo Nissilä Sound