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  1. Photo of Simon J. Smith

    Simon J. Smith Director

  2. Photo of John Aboud

    John Aboud Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Colton

    Michael Colton Screenplay

  4. Photo of Brandon Sawyer

    Brandon Sawyer Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alan J. Schoolcraft

    Alan J. Schoolcraft Screenplay

  6. Photo of Brent Simons

    Brent Simons Screenplay

  7. Photo of Chris Miller

    Chris Miller Voice

  8. Photo of Christopher Knights

    Christopher Knights Voice

  9. Photo of Conrad Vernon

    Conrad Vernon Voice

  10. Photo of John Malkovich

    John Malkovich Voice

  11. Photo of Werner Herzog

    Werner Herzog Voice

  12. Photo of Lara Breay

    Lara Breay Producer

  13. Photo of Mark Swift

    Mark Swift Producer

  14. Photo of Eric Darnell

    Eric Darnell Executive Producer, Director Screenplay

  15. Photo of Tom McGrath

    Tom McGrath Executive Producer, Voice Screenplay

  16. Photo of Mireille Soria

    Mireille Soria Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Nick Kenway

    Nick Kenway Editing