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  1. Photo of Ottorino Franco Bertolini

    Ottorino Franco Bertolini Director

  2. Photo of Víctor Merenda

    Víctor Merenda Director

  3. Photo of Frédéric Dard

    Frédéric Dard Screenplay

  4. Photo of André Maurois

    André Maurois Screenplay

  5. Photo of Henri Vidal

    Henri Vidal Cast

  6. Photo of Dawn Addams

    Dawn Addams Cast

  7. Photo of Lino Ventura

    Lino Ventura Cast

  8. Photo of Lauretta Masiero

    Lauretta Masiero Cast

  9. Photo of Howard Vernon

    Howard Vernon Cast

  10. Photo of Marco Guglielmi

    Marco Guglielmi Cast

  11. Photo of Giacomo Furia

    Giacomo Furia Cast

  12. Photo of Silvio Bagolini

    Silvio Bagolini Cast

  13. Photo of Benedetta Rutili

    Benedetta Rutili Cast

  14. Photo of Fortunia

    Fortunia Cast

  15. Photo of Liliana Rondoni

    Liliana Rondoni Cast

  16. Photo of John Kitzmiller

    John Kitzmiller Cast

  17. Photo of Quinto Albicocco

    Quinto Albicocco Cinematography

  18. Photo of Carlo Innocenzi

    Carlo Innocenzi Music

  19. Photo of Daniel White

    Daniel White Music

  20. Photo of Ivo Battelli

    Ivo Battelli Production Design

  21. Photo of Emanuele Cassuto

    Emanuele Cassuto Producer

  22. Photo of Georges Cheyko

    Georges Cheyko Producer

  23. Photo of Marius Lesoeur

    Marius Lesoeur Producer

  24. Photo of Georges Arnstam

    Georges Arnstam Editing

  25. Photo of Nella Nannuzzi

    Nella Nannuzzi Editing