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  1. sax_and_violins's rating of the film Pentimento

    what's the german word for "misogynistic dog shit disguised as artsy social criticism"?

  2. Jorge Negrete's rating of the film Pentimento

  3. Bartolomé de las Casas's rating of the film Pentimento

  4. Scott Barley's rating of the film Pentimento

    "Pentimento": a visible trace of earlier painting beneath a layer or layers of paint on a canvas, which comes from Italian, meaning ‘repentance’. I think the definition conveys very explicitly that this is not an exploitation film, but a subversive work of art from a brave filmmaker. It may be abhorrent, but it's also brilliant, with an important and unique voice.

  5. Max Slobodin's rating of the film Pentimento

    a psychotic atrocity exhibition. in the international style. rivers of ectoplasm merge in the night. subspace traces this cartography. me(n)tal fatigue. i want more life. we are the instruments of our own evil. the synthesizer throb, portends to some semblance of emotional espionage. miles to go before we sleep. and on the proscenium, and on the playbill: "a language of signs." -a. artaud.

  6. Ferah's rating of the film Pentimento

    Really sick film with a nice soundtrack. I wouldn't recommend it to any woman.