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  1. Photo of Jacques B. Brunius

    Jacques B. Brunius Director, Cast, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Henri Cartier-Bresson

    Henri Cartier-Bresson Director

  3. Photo of Jean-Paul Le Chanois

    Jean-Paul Le Chanois Director and Cast

  4. Photo of Maurice Lime

    Maurice Lime Director

  5. Photo of Pierre Unik

    Pierre Unik Director, Screenplay Cast

  6. Photo of André Zwoboda

    André Zwoboda Director

  7. Photo of Hanns Eisler

    Hanns Eisler Music

  8. Photo of Eugène Pottier

    Eugène Pottier Music

  9. Photo of Henri Alekan

    Henri Alekan Cinematography

  10. Photo of Jean-Paul Alphen

    Jean-Paul Alphen Cinematography

  11. Photo of Jean Bourgoin

    Jean Bourgoin Cinematography

  12. Photo of Alain Douarinou

    Alain Douarinou Cinematography

  13. Photo of Jean Isnard

    Jean Isnard Cinematography

  14. Photo of Louis Page

    Louis Page Cinematography

  15. Photo of Claude Renoir

    Claude Renoir Cinematography

  16. Photo of Marguerite Renoir

    Marguerite Renoir Editing

  17. Photo of Marcel Tesseire

    Marcel Tesseire Sound

  18. Photo of Jean Dasté

    Jean Dasté Cast

  19. Photo of Simone Guisin

    Simone Guisin Cast

  20. Photo of Teddy Michaud

    Teddy Michaud Cast

  21. Photo of Charles Blavette

    Charles Blavette Cast

  22. Photo of Gaston Clamamus

    Gaston Clamamus Cast

  23. Photo of Max Dalban

    Max Dalban Cast

  24. Photo of Madeleine Sologne

    Madeleine Sologne Cast

  25. Photo of Émile Drain

    Émile Drain Cast

  26. Photo of Roger Blin

    Roger Blin Cast

  27. Photo of Jean Renoir

    Jean Renoir Cast, Director Screenplay

  28. Photo of Georges Spanelly

    Georges Spanelly Cast

  29. Photo of Sylvain Itkine

    Sylvain Itkine Cast

  30. Photo of Eddy Debray

    Eddy Debray Cast

  31. Photo of Henri Pons

    Henri Pons Cast

  32. Photo of Gabrielle Fontan

    Gabrielle Fontan Cast

  33. Photo of Gaston Modot

    Gaston Modot Cast

  34. Photo of Léon Larive

    Léon Larive Cast

  35. Photo of Julien Bertheau

    Julien Bertheau Cast

  36. Photo of Nadia Sibirskaïa

    Nadia Sibirskaïa Cast

  37. Photo of Frédéric O’Brady

    Frédéric O’Brady Cast

  38. Photo of Marcel Duhamel

    Marcel Duhamel Cast

  39. Photo of Guy Favières

    Guy Favières Cast

  40. Photo of Jacques Becker

    Jacques Becker Cast, Director Screenplay

  41. Photo of Tristan Sévère

    Tristan Sévère Cast

  42. Photo of Claire Gérard

    Claire Gérard Cast

  43. Photo of Fabien Loris

    Fabien Loris Cast

  44. Photo of Yolande Oliveiro

    Yolande Oliveiro Cast

  45. Photo of Vladimir Sokoloff

    Vladimir Sokoloff Cast

  46. Photo of Madeleine Dax

    Madeleine Dax Cast

  47. Photo of Madeleine Sylvain

    Madeleine Sylvain Cast

  48. Photo of François Viguier

    François Viguier Cast

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