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Ratings & Reviews

  1. JulianLazare's rating of the film People's Park

    No better way to observe a culture in it's purest form than to walk with them, watch them, look into their eyes, notice their reactions and interactions. This film is probably one of the best documentaries about a culture I have seen in a long time (well this and Junun). I was left feeling enlightened and calm, and envious. It made real life feel like a dream. They could've left the park and I would've kept watching.

  2. corycorycorycory's rating of the film People's Park

    This isn't my bag. I could only give it 18 minutes before I felt I had "got it." That being said, it's very well executed.

  3. rcrespin's rating of the film People's Park

    Such a great film, I definitely will add this to my DVD collection to watch again and again. The beautiful tracking shot allows you to really become immersed in this environment. Pacing and Sound Design were fantastic. It was great watching the People look towards the Camera with such varied emotions.

  4. ageofbloom's rating of the film People's Park

    Dehumanizing to subject and viewer, racist, unimaginative, and boring (the least of its problems) unless you look at Chinese people as zoo animals, intrigued by the mere sight and sound (unsubbed for maximum exoticism) of this wild species in their natural habitat. Produced by an overrated "ethnography lab" no one calls on their colonial bullshit cause they're white trust fund kids who build in smarmy self awareness.

  5. Aaaa_pril's rating of the film People's Park

    A long take about people watching, a moving image of the contemporary Qingming Shanghe Tu.

  6. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film People's Park

    Barefoot in the park with camera in tow; amiably rambling, but not much more.