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  1. Photo of Hanung Bramantyo

    Hanung Bramantyo Director

  2. Photo of Dewi Lestari

    Dewi Lestari Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maudy Ayunda

    Maudy Ayunda Cast

  4. Photo of Adipati Dolken

    Adipati Dolken Cast

  5. Photo of Reza Rahadian

    Reza Rahadian Cast

  6. Photo of Rifqa Amalsyita

    Rifqa Amalsyita Cast

  7. Photo of Amanina Datau

    Amanina Datau Cast

  8. Photo of Titi Dwijayati

    Titi Dwijayati Cast

  9. Photo of Sylvia Fully

    Sylvia Fully Cast

  10. Photo of Sharena Gunawan

    Sharena Gunawan Cast

  11. Photo of Rizky Julio

    Rizky Julio Cast

  12. Photo of Ben Kasyafani

    Ben Kasyafani Cast

  13. Photo of Hayria Lonton

    Hayria Lonton Cast

  14. Photo of August Melasz

    August Melasz Cast

  15. Photo of Elyzia Mulachela

    Elyzia Mulachela Cast

  16. Photo of Alfonso O. Rorimpandey

    Alfonso O. Rorimpandey Cast

  17. Photo of Kimberly Ryder

    Kimberly Ryder Cast

  18. Photo of Fauzan Smith

    Fauzan Smith Cast

  19. Photo of Avesina Soebli

    Avesina Soebli Cast

  20. Photo of Ira Wibowo

    Ira Wibowo Cast

  21. Photo of Dion Wiyoko

    Dion Wiyoko Cast

  22. Photo of Qausar Harta Yudana

    Qausar Harta Yudana Cast

  23. Photo of Faozan Rizal

    Faozan Rizal Cinematography

  24. Photo of Chand Parvez Servia

    Chand Parvez Servia Producer

  25. Photo of Putut Widjanarko

    Putut Widjanarko Producer

  26. Photo of Cesa David Luckmansyah

    Cesa David Luckmansyah Editing

  27. Photo of Ryan Purwoko

    Ryan Purwoko Editing