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  1. Photo of Julio Fernández

    Julio Fernández Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Andreas Grosch

    Andreas Grosch Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Samuel Hadida

    Samuel Hadida Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Gigi Oeri

    Gigi Oeri Producer

  5. Photo of Tom Tykwer

    Tom Tykwer Screenplay, Music, Director

  6. Photo of Andrew Birkin

    Andrew Birkin Screenplay

  7. Photo of Bernd Eichinger

    Bernd Eichinger Screenplay, Producer

  8. Photo of Frank Griebe

    Frank Griebe Cinematography

  9. Photo of Dustin Hoffman

    Dustin Hoffman Cast

  10. Photo of Alan Rickman

    Alan Rickman Cast

  11. Photo of Rachel Hurd-Wood

    Rachel Hurd-Wood Cast

  12. Photo of Corinna Harfouch

    Corinna Harfouch Cast

  13. Photo of John Hurt

    John Hurt Cast

  14. Photo of Karoline Herfurth

    Karoline Herfurth Cast

  15. Photo of David Calder

    David Calder Cast

  16. Photo of Simon Chandler

    Simon Chandler Cast

  17. Photo of Sian Thomas

    Sian Thomas Cast

  18. Photo of Alexander Berner

    Alexander Berner Editing

  19. Photo of Uli Hanisch

    Uli Hanisch Production Design

  20. Photo of Reinhold Heil

    Reinhold Heil Music

  21. Photo of Johnny Klimek

    Johnny Klimek Music

  22. Photo of Pierre-Yves Gayraud

    Pierre-Yves Gayraud Costume Design

  23. Photo of Jessica Schwarz

    Jessica Schwarz Cast

  24. Photo of Paul Berrondo

    Paul Berrondo Cast

  25. Photo of Timothy Davies

    Timothy Davies Cast

  26. Photo of Sam Douglas

    Sam Douglas Cast

  27. Photo of Harris Gordon

    Harris Gordon Cast

  28. Photo of Sara Forestier

    Sara Forestier Cast

  29. Photo of Joanna Griffiths

    Joanna Griffiths Cast

  30. Photo of Birgit Minichmayr

    Birgit Minichmayr Cast

  31. Photo of Alvaro Roque

    Alvaro Roque Cast

  32. Photo of Franck Lefeuvre

    Franck Lefeuvre Cast

  33. Photo of Jaume Montane

    Jaume Montane Cast

  34. Photo of Anna Diogene

    Anna Diogene Cast

  35. Photo of Richard Collins Moore

    Richard Collins Moore Cast

  36. Photo of Michael Smiley

    Michael Smiley Cast

  37. Photo of Richard Felix

    Richard Felix Cast

  38. Photo of Francesc Albiol

    Francesc Albiol Cast

  39. Photo of Gonzalo Cunill

    Gonzalo Cunill Cast

  40. Photo of Roger Salvany

    Roger Salvany Cast

  41. Photo of Andrés Herrera

    Andrés Herrera Cast

  42. Photo of Reg Wilson

    Reg Wilson Cast

  43. Photo of Catherine Boisgontier

    Catherine Boisgontier Cast

  44. Photo of Ben Whishaw

    Ben Whishaw Cast