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  1. Photo of Ragnar Arvedson

    Ragnar Arvedson Director

  2. Photo of Tancred Ibsen

    Tancred Ibsen Director

  3. Photo of Edvin Adolphson

    Edvin Adolphson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Theodor Berthels

    Theodor Berthels Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ulla Kåge

    Ulla Kåge Screenplay

  6. Photo of Adolf Jahr

    Adolf Jahr Cast

  7. Photo of Carl Barcklind

    Carl Barcklind Cast

  8. Photo of Olga Andersson

    Olga Andersson Cast

  9. Photo of Brita Appelgren

    Brita Appelgren Cast

  10. Photo of Frank Sundström

    Frank Sundström Cast

  11. Photo of Ivar Kåge

    Ivar Kåge Cast

  12. Photo of Einar Axelsson

    Einar Axelsson Cast

  13. Photo of Maj Törnblad

    Maj Törnblad Cast

  14. Photo of Margit Andelius

    Margit Andelius Cast

  15. Photo of Aino Taube

    Aino Taube Cast

  16. Photo of Ragnar Widestedt

    Ragnar Widestedt Cast

  17. Photo of Axel Högel

    Axel Högel Cast

  18. Photo of Torsten Winge

    Torsten Winge Cast

  19. Photo of Sture Baude

    Sture Baude Cast

  20. Photo of Ernst Westerberg

    Ernst Westerberg Cinematography

  21. Photo of Sune Waldimir

    Sune Waldimir Music