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  1. Photo of Scud

    Scud Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Sean Li

    Sean Li Cast

  3. Photo of Hung Osman

    Hung Osman Cast

  4. Photo of Jackie Chow

    Jackie Chow Cast

  5. Photo of Lau Yu-Hong

    Lau Yu-Hong Cast

  6. Photo of Eva Lo

    Eva Lo Cast

  7. Photo of Zi Li Wei

    Zi Li Wei Cast

  8. Photo of Hau Woon Ling

    Hau Woon Ling Cast

  9. Photo of Yui Yu Chung

    Yui Yu Chung Cast

  10. Photo of Hoi Kai Luk

    Hoi Kai Luk Cast

  11. Photo of Thomas Price

    Thomas Price Cast

  12. Photo of Herman Yau

    Herman Yau Cinematography

  13. Photo of Teddy Robin Kwan

    Teddy Robin Kwan Music

  14. Photo of Ron Heung

    Ron Heung Production Design

  15. Photo of Leung Kwok-Wing

    Leung Kwok-Wing Editing