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  1. Pymo's rating of the film Persécution

  2. josé neves's rating of the film Persécution

    A happy couple: the narrative and dramatic hysteria of Chéreau and the psychologist hysteria of Romain Duris, as always unbearable and expository. Both are on the loose and aimlessly, not knowing what to do with all that fuss. And yet, the character played by Jean-Hugues Anglade, as if it were the same of the beautiful "L'Homme Blessé", later and older, could have taken the film beyond its unbearable rhetoric.

  3. Magda's rating of the film Persécution

    The actors were really good, but yet I somehow missed the whole point of the story.

  4. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Persécution

    Uninteresting characters doing uninteresting things and telling uninteresting things. No problem for me because we all know that, thanks to the mise-en-scene, the musical score or beautiful landscapes, these first fruits may well become the pillars of a masterpiece. Just think of any Jean-Luc Godard movie. ( ... ) . No, it's a joke !. A DVD zone I Should Have Seen a Giallo instead.

  5. Guillaume's rating of the film Persécution

    Love is hard and trying to connect and live with someone is something really intense. The director and his actors brings that complexity to the screen. Set in metro, the streets and featuring "middle class" people, the suffering is everywhere and Chéreau is not affraid of showing real life in the style of Pialat. It's sad to see a good film that could have been a great one because of his lack of mise en scene.