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  1. symisz-licht's rating of the film Persona

  2. Lucas Alcazar's rating of the film Persona

    A cinematographic masterpiece. An earnest philosophical discourse.

  3. Ben Nash's rating of the film Persona

    Has more claim to the word 'horror' than anything Blumhouse has ever made.

  4. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Persona

    Not my favourite, because it's a little too arty for me. I think it's an important film and very influential. More importantly it's a film about women that is not a chick flick.

  5. Luca Soldati's rating of the film Persona

    Bellissimo scontro fra la psiche delle protagoniste, una rappresentativa della realtà e l'altra rappresentativa dell'arte. Geniale la complementarietà delle due donne e bellissimo confronto finale. Superbe le atmosfere.Dialoghi magnifici, che evocano le sensazioni delle due donne. Regia fantastica, con trovate visive molto originali.Anche la messa in scena e le inquadrature dimostrano la genialità del reparto tecnico

  6. yovargas's rating of the film Persona

    Surreal, weird, and heady - the kind of pure arthouse film that insists it has something incredibly profound to say but probably doesn't really (B&W and european, of course). But it does have many moments of fascinating, searing intensity and other- beauty even if those moments don't add up to much in the end. With mixed feelings, it gets a B-

  7. MisterColo93's rating of the film Persona

  8. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Persona

    Everything positive that has been said about this film is true.

  9. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film Persona

  10. MarcusArcus's rating of the film Persona

  11. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Persona

    Bergman pushes at the boundaries of the medium, achieving a form that is both psychologically and intellectually engrossing while the deceptive dramatic simplicity is accessible and affecting. Perfect performances and soundtrack, extraordinary composition and bold avant-gardism combine to devastating effect. So rich, a film to return to time and again. Elusive, dream-like, disturbing, it leaves an indelible mark.

  12. Superfrog's rating of the film Persona

    Amazing photography for a mesmerising one sided conversation where we experience some kind of slip from the silent audience to the audible actor.

  13. Dan and Val Freeman's rating of the film Persona

    Beautiful, challenging, experimental, daring, emotional and bending the very edges of cinema - as brilliant as the arc light (?) that begins and ends the film

  14. Stevie M's rating of the film Persona

  15. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Persona

    Fuck. The way the bones look like they are trying to break free from the surface of the skin.

  16. P D Dawson's rating of the film Persona

    One of the most experimental films I've seen so far from Bergman. It has moments of art house, moments of psychological drama and tension, moments of lesbian lust and sexual underpinnings. This is an ambiguous film, visually stylized and emotionally heavy, yet cerebrally challenging by its complex direction. The film raises the question: Who are we really, and how easily can we lose our identity to someone else?

  17. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Persona

    Ummmm...... I can't be 100% sure on this but it certainly feels like I just watched a masterpiece. And that is all I can really say about it.

  18. cin-e-phile22's rating of the film Persona

    Certain films of this kind are purely works of personal expression to the point where the viewer has to understand the intentions and thoughts occupying the artist's mind.In any other case the meaning and intention of the themes and subjects portrayed in such a film tend to be misinterpreted and given multiple meanings(subjectivity)which is rarely remarkable.One is unsatisfied unless true intentions are revealed.

  19. McOpinionated's rating of the film Persona

    Amazing and astounding as a film. Let alone from 1966. A personal shock to watch this with no expectations and no fore-knowledge, at my age, and after seen so many films. I am SO happy to have this luck. Now I can look forward sometime to re-watching, or to seeing echoes in other films. A triumph. A cultural treasure. Performance, intellectual and artistic conception + emotional power + cinematic power & creativity

  20. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Persona

    The way the camera sits and observes voyeuristically is one of the films greatest achievements. This is Bergman at his creative and poetic peak, developing a sixth sense for surrealist expression on-screen.

  21. bcdcdude's rating of the film Persona

    Lynch before Lynch! Brilliant film, but I enjoyed Persona 5 better ;)

  22. Babak Jani's rating of the film Persona

    Doesn't matter how many times I watch this film. It is always refreshing as it is the first time I'm seeing it. Master Piece!!!!!!!!!

  23. Diogo Moreira's rating of the film Persona

    Most of what we think of as "ourselves" is not direct experience of the world, but a mental broadcast made of ideas, memories, media input, other people, jobs, roles, duties, lusts, hopes, fears. The title is the key. "Persona." Singular.

  24. inanrehsemog's rating of the film Persona

    Absolute MASTERPIECE. "Out here, far away in our loneliness."

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