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  1. Photo of José Mojica Marins

    José Mojica Marins Director, Screenplay, Producer Cast

  2. Photo of Crounel Marins

    Crounel Marins Screenplay

  3. Photo of Arlete Moreira

    Arlete Moreira Cast

  4. Photo of Ricardo Petráglia

    Ricardo Petráglia Cast

  5. Photo of Nadia Destro

    Nadia Destro Cast

  6. Photo of Diva Medrek

    Diva Medrek Cast

  7. Photo of Wilson Garcia Hernandes

    Wilson Garcia Hernandes Cast

  8. Photo of João Paulo Ramalho

    João Paulo Ramalho Cast

  9. Photo of Malu de Souza

    Malu de Souza Cast

  10. Photo of Fábio Vilalonga

    Fábio Vilalonga Cast

  11. Photo of Débora Muniz

    Débora Muniz Cast

  12. Photo of Roney Wanderley

    Roney Wanderley Cast

  13. Photo of Satã

    Satã Cast

  14. Photo of Nere de Passy

    Nere de Passy Cast

  15. Photo of Teresa Rodrigues

    Teresa Rodrigues Cast

  16. Photo of Wilson Roberto

    Wilson Roberto Cast

  17. Photo of Cláudia Hernandes

    Cláudia Hernandes Cast

  18. Photo of Nelo Garcia

    Nelo Garcia Cast

  19. Photo of Mariliz Martins

    Mariliz Martins Cast

  20. Photo of Bruno

    Bruno Cast

  21. Photo of Silvia Hernandes

    Silvia Hernandes Cast

  22. Photo of Elias Cury

    Elias Cury Cast

  23. Photo of Carmen Marins

    Carmen Marins Cast

  24. Photo of Walter

    Walter Cast

  25. Photo of Eliane

    Eliane Cast

  26. Photo of Jaime Cortez

    Jaime Cortez Cast

  27. Photo of Edward Freund

    Edward Freund Cast

  28. Photo of Elza Leonetti

    Elza Leonetti Cast

  29. Photo of Mara Prado

    Mara Prado Cast

  30. Photo of Tecla

    Tecla Cast

  31. Photo of Giorgio Attili

    Giorgio Attili Cinematography

  32. Photo of Oscar Marcil

    Oscar Marcil Music

  33. Photo of Nelo D. Pedretti

    Nelo D. Pedretti Production Design

  34. Photo of Melquíades

    Melquíades Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Nilcemar Leyart

    Nilcemar Leyart Editing

  36. Photo of Orlando Macedo

    Orlando Macedo Sound

  37. Photo of Maria Aparecida Fernandes

    Maria Aparecida Fernandes Costume Design