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  1. Photo of Bernard-Henri Lévy

    Bernard-Henri Lévy Director

  2. Photo of Olivier Jacquin

    Olivier Jacquin Cinematography

  3. Photo of Camille Lotteau

    Camille Lotteau Cinematography

  4. Photo of Ala Hoshyar Tayyeb

    Ala Hoshyar Tayyeb Cinematography

  5. Photo of Nicolas Ker

    Nicolas Ker Music

  6. Photo of Henri Graetz

    Henri Graetz Music

  7. Photo of Jean-Fabien Dijoud

    Jean-Fabien Dijoud Music

  8. Photo of François Margolin

    François Margolin Producer

  9. Photo of Jean-Daniel Becache

    Jean-Daniel Becache Sound

  10. Photo of Thomas Fourel

    Thomas Fourel Sound

  11. Photo of Antoine Bailly

    Antoine Bailly Sound