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  1. Photo of Henry Hathaway

    Henry Hathaway Director

  2. Photo of Louis D. Lighton

    Louis D. Lighton Producer

  3. Photo of Constance Collier

    Constance Collier Screenplay

  4. Photo of Vincent Lawrence

    Vincent Lawrence Screenplay

  5. Photo of George L. Du Maurier

    George L. Du Maurier Screenplay

  6. Photo of John Nathaniel Raphael

    John Nathaniel Raphael Screenplay

  7. Photo of Charles Lang

    Charles Lang Cinematography

  8. Photo of Gary Cooper

    Gary Cooper Cast

  9. Photo of Ann Harding

    Ann Harding Cast

  10. Photo of John Halliday

    John Halliday Cast

  11. Photo of Donald Meek

    Donald Meek Cast

  12. Photo of Elsa Buchanan

    Elsa Buchanan Cast

  13. Photo of Stuart Heisler

    Stuart Heisler Editing

  14. Photo of Ernst Toch

    Ernst Toch Music

  15. Photo of Waldemar Young

    Waldemar Young Cinematography

  16. Photo of Ida Lupino

    Ida Lupino Cast

  17. Photo of Douglass Dumbrille

    Douglass Dumbrille Cast

  18. Photo of Virginia Weidler

    Virginia Weidler Cast

  19. Photo of Dickie Moore

    Dickie Moore Cast

  20. Photo of Doris Lloyd

    Doris Lloyd Cast

  21. Photo of Gilbert Emery

    Gilbert Emery Cast

  22. Photo of Christian Rub

    Christian Rub Cast

  23. Photo of Henry Herzbrun

    Henry Herzbrun Executive Producer

  24. Photo of W. Franke Harling

    W. Franke Harling Music

  25. Photo of Heinz Roemheld

    Heinz Roemheld Music

  26. Photo of Hans Dreier

    Hans Dreier Production Design

  27. Photo of Robert Usher

    Robert Usher Production Design