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  1. Photo of Clyde Geronimi

    Clyde Geronimi Director

  2. Photo of Wilfred Jackson

    Wilfred Jackson Director

  3. Photo of Hamilton Luske

    Hamilton Luske Director

  4. Photo of J.M. Barrie

    J.M. Barrie Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ted Sears

    Ted Sears Screenplay and Music

  6. Photo of Erdman Penner

    Erdman Penner Screenplay and Music

  7. Photo of Bill Peet

    Bill Peet Screenplay

  8. Photo of Winston Hibler

    Winston Hibler Screenplay and Music

  9. Photo of Joe Rinaldi

    Joe Rinaldi Screenplay

  10. Photo of Milt Banta

    Milt Banta Screenplay

  11. Photo of Ralph Wright

    Ralph Wright Screenplay

  12. Photo of William Cottrell

    William Cottrell Screenplay

  13. Photo of Bobby Driscoll

    Bobby Driscoll Voice

  14. Photo of Kathryn Beaumont

    Kathryn Beaumont Voice

  15. Photo of Hans Conried

    Hans Conried Voice

  16. Photo of Bill Thompson

    Bill Thompson Voice

  17. Photo of Heather Angel

    Heather Angel Voice

  18. Photo of Paul Collins

    Paul Collins Voice

  19. Photo of Tommy Luske

    Tommy Luske Voice

  20. Photo of Candy Candido

    Candy Candido Voice

  21. Photo of Tom Conway

    Tom Conway Voice

  22. Photo of Oliver Wallace

    Oliver Wallace Music

  23. Photo of Sammy Cahn

    Sammy Cahn Music

  24. Photo of Frank Churchill

    Frank Churchill Music

  25. Photo of Jud Conlon

    Jud Conlon Music

  26. Photo of Sammy Fain

    Sammy Fain Music

  27. Photo of Edward H. Plumb

    Edward H. Plumb Music

  28. Photo of Al Teeter

    Al Teeter Music

  29. Photo of Walt Disney

    Walt Disney Producer

  30. Photo of Donald Halliday

    Donald Halliday Editing

  31. Photo of Robert O. Cook

    Robert O. Cook Sound

  32. Photo of C.O. Slyfield

    C.O. Slyfield Sound

  33. Photo of Harold J. Steck

    Harold J. Steck Sound

  34. Photo of Hal Ambro

    Hal Ambro Animation

  35. Photo of Ken Anderson

    Ken Anderson Animation

  36. Photo of Dick Anthony

    Dick Anthony Animation

  37. Photo of Mary Blair

    Mary Blair Animation

  38. Photo of Bob Carlson

    Bob Carlson Animation

  39. Photo of Les Clark

    Les Clark Animation

  40. Photo of Eric Cleworth

    Eric Cleworth Animation

  41. Photo of Claude Coats

    Claude Coats Animation

  42. Photo of Tom Codrick

    Tom Codrick Animation

  43. Photo of Don DaGradi

    Don DaGradi Animation

  44. Photo of Marc Davis

    Marc Davis Animation

  45. Photo of Al Dempster

    Al Dempster Animation

  46. Photo of Eyvind Earle

    Eyvind Earle Animation

  47. Photo of Norman Ferguson

    Norman Ferguson Animation

  48. Photo of Hugh Fraser

    Hugh Fraser Animation

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