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  1. redux's rating of the film Peterloo

    The usual complaint about Leigh is that he is a soy latte Socialist, all style and no commitment to real issues. So when he makes a social realist film in the classic mold, he suddenly is "didactic", "cartoonish" and not artsy enough. Except this is his most stylized work, being a grand commentary on the present state of things, where a political elite fabricates a parallel reality to justify its own amoral rule.

  2. smndvdcl's rating of the film Peterloo

    My politics are very similar but caricatured depictions for binary oppositions of rich and poor unwittingly does a disservice to the cause. Imperialism often happens in subtext rather than with such on-the-nose dialogue.

  3. Creighton Blinn's rating of the film Peterloo

    Just as Topsy-Turvy meticulously traced the development of a theatrical production, Peterloo meticulously traces the development of a political movement. I can see where the film's detractor's are coming from, but, personally, I found Peterloo compelling . . .

  4. Loz Loory's rating of the film Peterloo

    Wonderful period costumes/attention to detail (great to see hats placed on tables crown-down instead of brim-down). Maxine Peake is terrific. Otherwise, left cold by erratic editing. One scene she has pies; next scene she's begging for eggs. Other scenes take too many famous actors too long to conclude. Climax is filmed oddly: full layout of the square and where the army is attacking from are difficult to discern.

  5. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Peterloo

    I understand the polarization. But for me, this was an incredible film and the way historical political films should be made- an evocation of the present without directly referencing it. Mike Leigh realizes that the poor have always been treated like shit and until there is true leftist policies and equality, we must be angry and stand up to the bourgeois authority!

  6. lesminho's rating of the film Peterloo

  7.'s rating of the film Peterloo

    Mike Leigh at his best savouring every detail of the textile workers

  8. AdaRLD's rating of the film Peterloo

    Very long, very chatty, but interesting.

  9. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Peterloo

    3.6 stars. Yes, it's a men talking in rooms (and sometimes on the moors!) film, but it still knocks spots off the likes of 'Lincoln' in terms of individualizing the mass and making common people seem imbued with an essential humanity, which has always been one of the strengths of Leigh's film-making. This doesn't stop early 19th century speeches from being early 19th century speeches, but the effect is moving.

  10. Eriugena82's rating of the film Peterloo

    A daring, demanding and robustly intellectual film. It is certainly worth seeing though; despite a few flaws, it is a film with some real power in it. Some viewers may find their patience tested (there are some seriously long-winded speeches) but getting into the contemporary frame of mind really sets up an emotional climax. All of this is done with a serious eye for detail too, it felt very authentic to the period.

  11. Omnibus1's rating of the film Peterloo

    A bold and epic film from Mike Leigh covering a little known episode in the history of working class England. Made at a time when the poor are often portrayed as stupid & undeserving of the vote by the left, and deceived into voting against their interests by the right. Violence against the working classes is now mainly social & economic; less immediate but no less severe than the violence depicted so vividly here.

  12. lostlevel's rating of the film Peterloo

    Mostly comic and character observations until the massacre bit where things go from bad to worse at which point the woman next to me in the cinema jumped in sheer terror of a certain hoof-based moment...

  13. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Peterloo

    A big but diffuse canvas that paints a picture of injustice, but is marred by crude intervention of caricature. To stretch the analogy: it’s portrait by spatula not fine brush. Here everyone is a type: the poor are poor and the rich are rich - and wicked. Everyone representative of their class with motivation a even poorer second. It’s all foreground not back; maybe a pen portrait might have rendered more heart.

  14. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Peterloo

    Amidst a positively Dickensian cast of characters, some of them verging on caricatures, it is more than a tad dispiriting that the major parts are all played by Basil Exposition on the basis of a script by History O'Level. The most effective sections of the film by far are those dealing with the massacre itself. The heart is definitely in the right place; it is a shame that the head gets rather too much in the way.

  15. Renton47's rating of the film Peterloo

    Obviously Leigh can script an incredibly verbose, intricate and polemical period drama without stress - my main issue is the feeling of watching an elaborate game of dress-up when these words are played to the back of the room. I spent way too much time noticing the extras. Doesn't necessarily diminish the power of the way it speaks earnestly across classes, or the way it eschews tidy drama/valorisation.

  16. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Peterloo