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  1. Photo of Marc Allégret

    Marc Allégret Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marcel Achard

    Marcel Achard Story and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fernandel

    Fernandel Cast

  4. Photo of Simone Simon

    Simone Simon Cast

  5. Photo of Marcel Dalio

    Marcel Dalio Cast

  6. Photo of Pierre Brasseur

    Pierre Brasseur Cast

  7. Photo of Simone Sylvestre

    Simone Sylvestre Cast

  8. Photo of Corinne Calvet

    Corinne Calvet Cast

  9. Photo of Lucette Dorignac

    Lucette Dorignac Cast

  10. Photo of Liliane Robin

    Liliane Robin Cast

  11. Photo of Dominique Brévant

    Dominique Brévant Cast

  12. Photo of Abel Jacquin

    Abel Jacquin Cast

  13. Photo of Jane Marken

    Jane Marken Cast

  14. Photo of Georges Pally

    Georges Pally Cast

  15. Photo of Jean-Roger Caussimon

    Jean-Roger Caussimon Cast

  16. Photo of Émile Riandreys

    Émile Riandreys Cast

  17. Photo of Gabrielle Fontan

    Gabrielle Fontan Cast

  18. Photo of Michel Kelber

    Michel Kelber Cinematography

  19. Photo of Joseph Kosma

    Joseph Kosma Music

  20. Photo of Maurice Réfrégier

    Maurice Réfrégier Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Henri Taverna

    Henri Taverna Editing

  22. Photo of Jean Demmer

    Jean Demmer Sound

  23. Photo of Tony Leenhardt

    Tony Leenhardt Sound

  24. Photo of Max Douy

    Max Douy Art Department and Production Design