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  1. Photo of Don Coscarelli

    Don Coscarelli Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Reggie Bannister

    Reggie Bannister Cast and Music

  3. Photo of Angus Scrimm

    Angus Scrimm Cast

  4. Photo of Bill Thornbury

    Bill Thornbury Cast

  5. Photo of Heidi Marnhout

    Heidi Marnhout Cast

  6. Photo of Bob Ivy

    Bob Ivy Cast

  7. Photo of Chris Chomyn

    Chris Chomyn Cinematography

  8. Photo of Steve Morrell

    Steve Morrell Music

  9. Photo of Fred Myrow

    Fred Myrow Music

  10. Photo of Malcolm Seagrave

    Malcolm Seagrave Music

  11. Photo of Christopher L. Stone

    Christopher L. Stone Music

  12. Photo of Naython Vane

    Naython Vane Production Design

  13. Photo of A. Michael Baldwin

    A. Michael Baldwin Producer and Cast

  14. Photo of Scott J. Gill

    Scott J. Gill Editing

  15. Photo of Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones Sound