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  1. ConorKennedy's rating of the film Phantom India

    One of my favorite documentaries of all time. Malle really approached India with a sense of curiosity and respect that makes for an addictive experience. He pretty much just examined their way of life and then offered commentary, trying not to disturb their daily routine and it works so well. Unforgettable.

  2. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Phantom India

    What is sticking with me is the faces. I don’t think I’ll forget the dancer in the school, or the woman working in the field, as many as there were. Malle manages to bring his outsider perspective without too much of it’s inherent opinions and privileges. This lets us experience India from that perspective too. It is six plus hours of transfixion.

  3. Zac Weber's rating of the film Phantom India

    The scope of the film is inspiring and Malle's free flowing structure feels authentic and utterly fascinating. As he says in part 1, this is a film of "chance encounters."

  4. Dominic Simard-Jean's rating of the film Phantom India

    Possibly the most grandiose and fascinating documentary ever made. The study of the population of India; its habits, its way of live, here doesn't need to be analysed. The action and the looks of the people filmed in that movie are enough to change your conception of the world, but Malle's insights bring things even further, offering a poignant reflection of a foreigner fascinated by the unknown he's seeing.

  5. Vodalus of the Wood's rating of the film Phantom India

  6. Garrett Sullivan's rating of the film Phantom India

    I will be watching this while my wife travels in India. We will compare notes on how much each of us learned from our experiences. Trying to buy this title at discount. Any body seen it? Garrett Sullivan

  7. Susanna-Cole King's rating of the film Phantom India

    What an unforgettable film! If it's testimony to its grandeur: I am traveling to India (seven thousand something miles away), almost solely because of and after seeing this film, which at six hours, and three minutes, is worth its every second. The colors, the culture, the music, the people!

  8. MetropolitanGlide's rating of the film Phantom India

    a little too commie for me, but beautifully done.

  9. Edwin N's rating of the film Phantom India

    What a beautiful love letter to India..

  10. Blake's rating of the film Phantom India

    The fifth episode of this series is absolutely spell-binding