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  1. the ghost of musidora's rating of the film Phantom

  2. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Phantom

    3.7 Ein Melodrama - soweit ich sehen kann: ohne Ironie oder doppelten Boden. Die stürzenden Häuser, die Tagträume von der Kutsche und viele verwinkelte Bildkompositionen geben der Geschichte die notwendige visuelle Kraft. In der eingefärbten Fassung wirken die Szenenkontraste (low life vs. high life) sehr stark.

  3. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Phantom

  4. Timmy93's rating of the film Phantom

    Had to see the film because Murnau was one of the best directors in the world. The visual style, the cinematography, and the acting were good. The story lagged at some point and prevents this film from being a great one.

  5. janh24's rating of the film Phantom

    A highly wrought affair. Full of charming vignettes, but no killer blow.

  6. Nick Moon's rating of the film Phantom

    An upright young man undoes himself through his passion for an unattainable woman, only to be saved at the last moment with a happy ending. The style balances dreamlike fantasy with a clear sense of a real world.

  7. Ark V's rating of the film Phantom

    Many a tale has been told about characters who makes bad life choices, here's an early example. Well shot with a playful stylistic use of colour.

  8. raggiodisole's rating of the film Phantom

    Establishes a sense of impending demise with tinctures of dreamlike escape

  9. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Phantom

    The music is simply reconstructed in relating to the contemporary practice: using emotionally connoted music from different sources. Maybe - like we know from many other silent movies - there has been preserved a list of musical examples originally used to accompany this film, and Robert Israel's reconstruction is based upon it. Unfortunately, we aren't informed about this context in the introductory notice.

  10. Animalia's rating of the film Phantom

    The music was actually enhancing the movie and key scenes

  11. Stevie's rating of the film Phantom

    Some of the cinematography in this is stunning. Some of the close-ups are astonishing, especially with the blue-tint depicted above. Can be seen as a precursor to Hitchcock's Vertigo with themes of obsession etc.

  12. msmichel's rating of the film Phantom

    Morality play melodrama from Murnau that despite an interesting visual style and some inventive optical effects fails to engage the viewer in a meaningful way. A lesser Murnau.

  13. Anna's rating of the film Phantom

    Murnau presents this very German theme with additional depth in his employment of tinted color. And I actually had no problem with the orchestral score; the romantic tendencies of the music brought out its lucidity.

  14. El Biffo's rating of the film Phantom

    A good melodrama, but not worth multiple viewings. I did watch it twice, but that was enough. Some MUBI viewers complained about the music; I watched it with the sound off.

  15. Noah Lethbridge's rating of the film Phantom

    Incredible. I didn't enjoy the score, so I cranked up some William Basinski and dropped Robert Israel's new orchestral score down to 0. I recommend technique for many, if not all all, silent era films.

  16. Weston Campbell's rating of the film Phantom

    Sags a bit in the middle but a fine example of Murnau's unsurpassed camerawork and sense of pathos.

  17. SlavicaSkoric's rating of the film Phantom

    what happens when you are a gullible young man with your head propelled high up in your dreams. a realist story of a decaying family reminiscent of 19th century literature and directed by one of the most beloved german directors of all time. it has everything but that flicker of a filmmaker's surreal eccentricity which pushes me toward a five star rating. an early cinema masterpiece nevertheless.

  18. Hugo Poderoso's rating of the film Phantom

    This minor film has its ups and downs, but it establishes noir lighting standards.

  19. francisca bacon's rating of the film Phantom

    it was the music of the restored version that spoiled it all. too sentimental for a film so frank and lucid.

  20. Duncan Jones's rating of the film Phantom

    I don't think I've seen another film, save perhaps Birth of a Nation, that utilises colour tinting so well. With its miserable blues and equally unsettling yellows, this film's colours provide Murnau with a curious tool for constructing his particular brand of contemporary myth. It's heartening to know that the fluid Phantom was released in the same year as the static Nosferatu.

  21. chanandre's rating of the film Phantom

    [Cinémathèque PT #457: 35 mm] (2007)