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  1. Photo of Anne-Laure Luisoni

    Anne-Laure Luisoni Cast

  2. Photo of Rita Blanco

    Rita Blanco Cast

  3. Photo of Maria Filomena

    Maria Filomena Cast

  4. Photo of Augusto

    Augusto Cast

  5. Photo of Francisco Seco

    Francisco Seco Cast

  6. Photo of Daniel Wolf

    Daniel Wolf Cast

  7. Photo of Preciosa

    Preciosa Cast

  8. Photo of Antoine Basler

    Antoine Basler Cast

  9. Photo of Elsa Valentim

    Elsa Valentim Cast

  10. Photo of Margarida

    Margarida Cast

  11. Photo of Diogo Dória

    Diogo Dória Cast

  12. Photo of Francisco Remigio

    Francisco Remigio Cast

  13. Photo of Silvina Gouveia

    Silvina Gouveia Cast

  14. Photo of Boris I. Fedotov

    Boris I. Fedotov Cast

  15. Photo of Stefan Gubser

    Stefan Gubser Cast

  16. Photo of Adelaide João

    Adelaide João Cast

  17. Photo of Matthias Kälin

    Matthias Kälin Cinematography

  18. Photo of Jacques Robellaz

    Jacques Robellaz Music

  19. Photo of Nadia Baggioli

    Nadia Baggioli Production Design

  20. Photo of Virgínia Leitão

    Virgínia Leitão Production Design

  21. Photo of Paulo Branco

    Paulo Branco Producer and Cast

  22. Photo of Patricia Plattner

    Patricia Plattner Producer, Director Screenplay

  23. Photo of Loredana Cristelli

    Loredana Cristelli Editing

  24. Photo of Paolo de Jesus

    Paolo de Jesus Sound