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  1. Photo of Marco Tullio Giordana

    Marco Tullio Giordana Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Paolo Cucchiarelli

    Paolo Cucchiarelli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sandro Petraglia

    Sandro Petraglia Screenplay

  4. Photo of Stefano Rulli

    Stefano Rulli Screenplay

  5. Photo of Valerio Mastandrea

    Valerio Mastandrea Cast

  6. Photo of Pierfrancesco Favino

    Pierfrancesco Favino Cast

  7. Photo of Michela Cescon

    Michela Cescon Cast

  8. Photo of Giorgio Colangeli

    Giorgio Colangeli Cast

  9. Photo of Laura Chiatti

    Laura Chiatti Cast

  10. Photo of Fabrizio Gifuni

    Fabrizio Gifuni Cast

  11. Photo of Omero Antonutti

    Omero Antonutti Cast

  12. Photo of Luigi Lo Cascio

    Luigi Lo Cascio Cast

  13. Photo of Thomas Trabacchi

    Thomas Trabacchi Cast

  14. Photo of Giorgio Marchesi

    Giorgio Marchesi Cast

  15. Photo of Giorgio Tirabassi

    Giorgio Tirabassi Cast

  16. Photo of Fausto Russo Alesi

    Fausto Russo Alesi Cast

  17. Photo of Denis Fasolo

    Denis Fasolo Cast

  18. Photo of Giulia Lazzarini

    Giulia Lazzarini Cast

  19. Photo of Andreapietro Anselmi

    Andreapietro Anselmi Cast

  20. Photo of Diego Ribon

    Diego Ribon Cast

  21. Photo of Sergio Solli

    Sergio Solli Cast

  22. Photo of Claudio Casadio

    Claudio Casadio Cast

  23. Photo of Antonio Pennarella

    Antonio Pennarella Cast

  24. Photo of Arturo Gambardella

    Arturo Gambardella Cast

  25. Photo of Corrado Invernizzi

    Corrado Invernizzi Cast

  26. Photo of Roberto Forza

    Roberto Forza Cinematography

  27. Photo of Giancarlo Basili

    Giancarlo Basili Production Design

  28. Photo of Marco Chimenz

    Marco Chimenz Producer

  29. Photo of Giovanni Stabilini

    Giovanni Stabilini Producer

  30. Photo of Riccardo Tozzi

    Riccardo Tozzi Producer

  31. Photo of Matteo De Laurentiis

    Matteo De Laurentiis Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Francesca Calvelli

    Francesca Calvelli Editing