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  1. Photo of Eberhard Meichsner

    Eberhard Meichsner Producer

  2. Photo of Rudolf Zehetgruber

    Rudolf Zehetgruber Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Hans Jura

    Hans Jura Cinematography

  4. Photo of Russell Garcia

    Russell Garcia Music

  5. Photo of Hanns Lothar

    Hanns Lothar Cast

  6. Photo of Ann Smyrner

    Ann Smyrner Cast

  7. Photo of Marlene Warrlich

    Marlene Warrlich Cast

  8. Photo of Camilla Spira

    Camilla Spira Cast

  9. Photo of Rudolf Fernau

    Rudolf Fernau Cast

  10. Photo of Stanislav Ledinek

    Stanislav Ledinek Cast

  11. Photo of Dieter Eppler

    Dieter Eppler Cast

  12. Photo of Kurt Zips

    Kurt Zips Cast

  13. Photo of Albert Bessler

    Albert Bessler Cast

  14. Photo of Herbert Grünbaum

    Herbert Grünbaum Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Hippler

    Peter Hippler Cast

  16. Photo of Ilja Richter

    Ilja Richter Cast

  17. Photo of Karl Lieffen

    Karl Lieffen Cast

  18. Photo of Pinkas Braun

    Pinkas Braun Cast

  19. Photo of Klaus Kinski

    Klaus Kinski Cast