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Ratings & Reviews

  1. bartkl's rating of the film Picture Snatcher

    An original idea for a film and James Cagney gives it form perfectly. While progressing from crime into a legitimate job, he really remains the boyish, sneaky (but perhaps goodhearthed) hoodlum he used to be. The film is full of oddities like the sleezy, immoral 'Graphic News', Cagney chasing a schoolgirl, people shooting recklessly, but most of all the incredible newspaper men chase at the end. Good stuff!

  2. Catherine Krummey's rating of the film Picture Snatcher

    "I always knew I could write; all I needed was a chance."

  3. ZYNAB's rating of the film Picture Snatcher

    This is a Cagney vehicle all the way of course, but Alice White is really charming as the office "good time girl"... the scene where she and Cagney first meet in the bathroom, ending with him turning her around, giving her ass a look, and then leading her to a stall is absolute pre-code gold. The whole film is exceptionally risque and snappy, I never tire of rewatching it.

  4. MarcH's rating of the film Picture Snatcher

    James Cagney, to the power of 10.

  5. Owen Sound's rating of the film Picture Snatcher

    For the love of James Cagney. Seventy-seven minutes of unbridled exuberance from one of cinema’s greatest performers.