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  1. Photo of Leopoldo Torre Nilsson

    Leopoldo Torre Nilsson Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Beatriz Guido

    Beatriz Guido Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rodolfo Mórtola

    Rodolfo Mórtola Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marilina Ross

    Marilina Ross Cast

  5. Photo of Juan José Camero

    Juan José Camero Cast

  6. Photo of Luisina Brando

    Luisina Brando Cast

  7. Photo of Mecha Ortiz

    Mecha Ortiz Cast

  8. Photo of Flora Steinberg

    Flora Steinberg Cast

  9. Photo of Enrique Alonso

    Enrique Alonso Cast

  10. Photo of Francisco de Paula

    Francisco de Paula Cast

  11. Photo of Adriana Parets

    Adriana Parets Cast

  12. Photo of Jorge Petraglia

    Jorge Petraglia Cast

  13. Photo of Walter Soubrie

    Walter Soubrie Cast

  14. Photo of Jorge Povarché

    Jorge Povarché Cast

  15. Photo of Mario Nervi

    Mario Nervi Cast

  16. Photo of Jorge Bonino

    Jorge Bonino Cast

  17. Photo of Inés Murray

    Inés Murray Cast

  18. Photo of Lilian Riera

    Lilian Riera Cast

  19. Photo of Cecilia Cenci

    Cecilia Cenci Cast

  20. Photo of Evangelina Masón

    Evangelina Masón Cast

  21. Photo of Rosalba Villari

    Rosalba Villari Cast

  22. Photo of Mario Bertone

    Mario Bertone Cast

  23. Photo of Víctor Prozapas

    Víctor Prozapas Cast

  24. Photo of Fernando Madanes

    Fernando Madanes Cast

  25. Photo of Javier Torre

    Javier Torre Cast

  26. Photo of Osvaldo De Marco

    Osvaldo De Marco Cast

  27. Photo of Natán Solans

    Natán Solans Cast

  28. Photo of Aníbal Di Salvo

    Aníbal Di Salvo Cinematography

  29. Photo of Roberto Lar

    Roberto Lar Music

  30. Photo of Miguel Ángel Lumaldo

    Miguel Ángel Lumaldo Production Design

  31. Photo of Isidro Miguel

    Isidro Miguel Producer

  32. Photo of Gerardo Rinaldi

    Gerardo Rinaldi Editing

  33. Photo of Miguel Babuini

    Miguel Babuini Sound

  34. Photo of Bebe Kamin

    Bebe Kamin Sound

  35. Photo of Leonor Puga Sabate

    Leonor Puga Sabate Costume Design