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  1. Photo of Susanne Sachße

    Susanne Sachße Cast

  2. Photo of Paulina Bachmann

    Paulina Bachmann Cast

  3. Photo of Boris Lisowski

    Boris Lisowski Cast

  4. Photo of Mehdi Berkouki

    Mehdi Berkouki Cast

  5. Photo of Krishna Kumar Krishnan

    Krishna Kumar Krishnan Cast

  6. Photo of Smail Necmi

    Smail Necmi Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jürgen Brüning

    Jürgen Brüning Producer

  8. Photo of Jörn Hartmann

    Jörn Hartmann Editing

  9. Photo of Albert Girard

    Albert Girard Screenplay

  10. Photo of Otto Erich Hartleben

    Otto Erich Hartleben Screenplay

  11. Photo of Anna Mülter

    Anna Mülter Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Arnold Schönberg

    Arnold Schönberg Music

  13. Photo of Item Idem

    Item Idem Production Design

  14. Photo of Peter Haubenberger

    Peter Haubenberger Sound

  15. Photo of Luizo Vega

    Luizo Vega Cast

  16. Photo of Maria Ivanenko

    Maria Ivanenko Cast

  17. Photo of Bruce LaBruce

    Bruce LaBruce Cast, Director, Screenplay

  18. Photo of Premil Petrovic

    Premil Petrovic Cast

  19. Photo of Adrian Pavolv

    Adrian Pavolv Cast

  20. Photo of Emmanuelle Bernard

    Emmanuelle Bernard Cast

  21. Photo of Miguel Pérez Iñesta

    Miguel Pérez Iñesta Cast

  22. Photo of Chloé L'Abbé

    Chloé L'Abbé Cast

  23. Photo of Andreas Voss

    Andreas Voss Cast

  24. Photo of Rogier Hardeman

    Rogier Hardeman Cast