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  1. Il calvario di un’anima perduta's rating of the film Pieta

  2. katherine's rating of the film Pieta

    Hermoso simbolismo y maravillosas actuaciones. Fuerte pero vale la pena.

  3. limiadg's rating of the film Pieta

    First half a good film, second half really boring.

  4. bryanvmh's rating of the film Pieta

    "What is money?" "The beginning and the end of everything."

  5. La quinta luna's rating of the film Pieta

  6. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film Pieta

  7. Eric Porcelluzzi's rating of the film Pieta

  8. Aprilia Gunawan's rating of the film Pieta

    Ayant regardé ses deux autres films, j'ai l'impression que Kim Ki-Duk s'excelle plus dans visuel poétique utilisant des dialogues le moins possible. Je trouve qu'il n'a pas mis autant d'effort à celui-ci.

  9. Yongjia Li's rating of the film Pieta

  10. Sirma Kurtulmaz's rating of the film Pieta

  11. Séon Kim's rating of the film Pieta

    Literally it happens in bloody hell

  12. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Pieta

    Brutal and nihilistic story matched by Jo Yeong-Jik's cinematography; there will be no gauze for these wounds and no moral buffer for the viewer. If you like happy endings, stay away from this one. I almost turned it off during the scene with the guitar and the expectant father; as it happens, the story turns at this point. Two stars primarily for the expert performance of Cho Min-Soo as the moody, mysterious mother.

  13. G.'s rating of the film Pieta

    Did not want to like it, and still don't see how any respectable jury could place it above The Master... but wow.

  14. Landen Celano's rating of the film Pieta

    Kim Ki-Duk never ceases to deliver the unexpected.

  15. Omus's rating of the film Pieta

    Wow. That was a total mindfuck of a movie. It was tough going in spots, but stick with it for a haunting ending.

  16. caitlin.f's rating of the film Pieta

    disturbing yet deep. i could have done without the gratuitous sexual violence.

  17. David R Williams's rating of the film Pieta

    One of the most visceral film experiences I've had in a very long time. Cinema that takes chances and refuses to play safe or apologize has become few and far between. For all its flaws - and there are many - I'll take it.

  18. Nick Potter's rating of the film Pieta

    Definitely true to what I know Kim Ki-duk to be, and a more accessible example of it compared to most, but something just doesn't quite connect enough.

  19. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Pieta

    Both stomach-turning and hypnotic, Kim Ki-Duk's controversial masterwork manages to provide a portal into one of the most vile central characters I've even seen onscreen and showcase how alienation and desperation have shaped his character. Money is meaningless to this loan shark; soothing his pain is everything. Great shot selection and editing make this a film much appreciated even as it is hard to love.

  20. kubrickhallway's rating of the film Pieta

    The lengths one may go to to seek justice or revenge in the name of what they think is right may ultimately turn them into the same thing they're fighting against. The mother is no saint; very few characters in this film are redeemable. Yet, you feel bad for every one of them. The ugly realities of power without conscience, and the twisted logic of the weak during desperate times blanket a story about lost childhood.

  21. JoeTD's rating of the film Pieta

    A film with a plot too heavy for the shoulders of the filmmakers. The plot itself has the potential to really grab an audience as anyone with a mother could probably find a way to relate to this, but the execution was poor. The direction felt unnatural and a lot of the action/violent scenes felt shoehorned in. The premise is a good idea, but there was nothing else to make me care about much about the characters.

  22. michelle's rating of the film Pieta

    entertaining but predictable, kinda sloppy the shot of him wearing the sweater in the grave left an impression on me

  23. Caramel Cookie's rating of the film Pieta

  24. Rocío En Ameca's rating of the film Pieta

    de una poética tan contundente que abruma. Perfecta

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