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  1. Photo of David Butler

    David Butler Director

  2. Photo of Stuart Erwin

    Stuart Erwin Cast

  3. Photo of Patsy Kelly

    Patsy Kelly Cast

  4. Photo of Jack Haley

    Jack Haley Cast

  5. Photo of Johnny Downs

    Johnny Downs Cast

  6. Photo of Betty Grable

    Betty Grable Cast

  7. Photo of Arline Judge

    Arline Judge Cast

  8. Photo of Dixie Dunbar

    Dixie Dunbar Cast

  9. Photo of Judy Garland

    Judy Garland Cast

  10. Photo of Fred Kohler Jr.

    Fred Kohler Jr. Cast

  11. Photo of Grady Sutton

    Grady Sutton Cast

  12. Photo of Elisha Cook Jr.

    Elisha Cook Jr. Cast

  13. Photo of Edward J. Nugent

    Edward J. Nugent Cast

  14. Photo of Julius Tannen

    Julius Tannen Cast