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  1. Photo of Douglas Sirk

    Douglas Sirk Director

  2. Photo of Henrik Ibsen

    Henrik Ibsen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Karl Peter Gillmann

    Karl Peter Gillmann Screenplay

  4. Photo of Georg C. Klaren

    Georg C. Klaren Screenplay

  5. Photo of Robert Neppach

    Robert Neppach Producer

  6. Photo of Fred Lyssa

    Fred Lyssa Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Franz R. Friedl

    Franz R. Friedl Music

  8. Photo of Carl Drews

    Carl Drews Cinematography

  9. Photo of Friedel Buckow

    Friedel Buckow Editing

  10. Photo of Otto Guelstorff

    Otto Guelstorff Production Design

  11. Photo of Hans Minzloff

    Hans Minzloff Production Design

  12. Photo of Carlheinz Becker

    Carlheinz Becker Sound

  13. Photo of Heinrich George

    Heinrich George Cast

  14. Photo of Maria Krahn

    Maria Krahn Cast

  15. Photo of Horst Teetzmann

    Horst Teetzmann Cast

  16. Photo of Albrecht Schoenhals

    Albrecht Schoenhals Cast

  17. Photo of Suse Graf

    Suse Graf Cast

  18. Photo of Oskar Sima

    Oskar Sima Cast

  19. Photo of Karl Dannemann

    Karl Dannemann Cast

  20. Photo of Hansjoachim Büttner

    Hansjoachim Büttner Cast

  21. Photo of Walther Süssenguth

    Walther Süssenguth Cast

  22. Photo of Franz Weber

    Franz Weber Cast

  23. Photo of Paul Beckers

    Paul Beckers Cast

  24. Photo of S.O. Schoening

    S.O. Schoening Cast

  25. Photo of Toni Tetzlaff

    Toni Tetzlaff Cast

  26. Photo of Maria Hofen

    Maria Hofen Cast

  27. Photo of Gerti Ober

    Gerti Ober Cast

  28. Photo of Rudolf Biebrach

    Rudolf Biebrach Cast