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  1. F/K's rating of the film Pin

    This film is basically a mix of David Cronenberg(without the body horror), Psycho, and a Twilight Zone episode called The Dummy. It might be unpolished and rough around the edges at times, but when it shines it proves that Horror succeeds in implying the events to us rather then screaming it out at our faces.

  2. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Pin

    3.5 stars. Watched along while taking part in a comedy forum's chatroom commentary, which probably helped paper over the film's more droll, less hysterical passages, tho the fascination comes from the very down-beat style, in part. As someone remarked, it's an ingenious idea for an ultra-low budget horror - Jonathan Banks providing the perfect hushed, insinuating voice for Pin, the hero of the piece. Daft yet creepy.

  3. panoramaofhell's rating of the film Pin

    this was ok but horror films really need to get rid of the "schyzophrenic people are scary" trope cause this is shit. im indulgent because it was made in the 80s but still

  4. HKFanatic's rating of the film Pin

    Andrew Neiderman's "Pin" is not a great novel, but it lingers in the imagination thanks to its uniquely strange idea and the cold psychopathy of its narrator, Leon. This adaptation is for anyone who thought David Cronenberg had the market on moody, clinical Canadian genre movies, though this is one of those relatively bloodless horror films that's far more sad than grotesque, and "Pin" is all the better for it.

  5. miss piggy's rating of the film Pin

  6. Steve G.'s rating of the film Pin

    Good job his nose hadn't grown, or what else would that nurse have done? :/

  7. pseuDony's rating of the film Pin

  8. nothere's rating of the film Pin

    Terrible and all around laughable. The execution in this film is too made-for-tv to make the subject matter creepy or disturbing. As is, its ready made for the MST3K gang with its soap opera acting and bad writing.