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  1. Photo of Jerzy Stefan Stawinski

    Jerzy Stefan Stawinski Director

  2. Photo of Jerzy Stefan Stawinski

    Jerzy Stefan Stawinski Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andrzej Kozak

    Andrzej Kozak Cast

  4. Photo of Krystyna Konarska

    Krystyna Konarska Cast

  5. Photo of Zbigniew Cybulski

    Zbigniew Cybulski Cast

  6. Photo of Janina Kaluska-Szydlowska

    Janina Kaluska-Szydlowska Cast

  7. Photo of Elzbieta Swiecicka

    Elzbieta Swiecicka Cast

  8. Photo of Mieczyslaw Milecki

    Mieczyslaw Milecki Cast

  9. Photo of Andrzej Szczepkowski

    Andrzej Szczepkowski Cast

  10. Photo of Wojciech Duryasz

    Wojciech Duryasz Cast

  11. Photo of Irena Karel

    Irena Karel Cast

  12. Photo of Emilia Krakowska

    Emilia Krakowska Cast

  13. Photo of Carmen Richard

    Carmen Richard Cast

  14. Photo of Malgorzata Rogacka-Wisniewska

    Malgorzata Rogacka-Wisniewska Cast

  15. Photo of Miroslaw Majchrowski

    Miroslaw Majchrowski Cast

  16. Photo of Jerzy Trojan

    Jerzy Trojan Cast

  17. Photo of Krystyna Borowicz

    Krystyna Borowicz Cast

  18. Photo of Maciej Damiecki

    Maciej Damiecki Cast

  19. Photo of Zofia Merle

    Zofia Merle Cast

  20. Photo of Kalina Jedrusik

    Kalina Jedrusik Cast

  21. Photo of Małgorzata Niemirska

    Małgorzata Niemirska Cast

  22. Photo of Krzysztof Kowalewski

    Krzysztof Kowalewski Cast

  23. Photo of Krzysztof Komeda

    Krzysztof Komeda Music

  24. Photo of Stefan Matyjaszkiewicz

    Stefan Matyjaszkiewicz Cinematography