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Ratings & Reviews

  1. msmichel's rating of the film Pink Cadillac

    Eastwood has been in some real clunkers over the years but this certainly ranks amongst the worse. Laughable villians sink the ship here ( I swear if he had said 'that female' one more time..) with our protagonists coming off no better. Peters was so miscast here and Eastwood was either doing a favour for his "Buddy" or just cashing a paycheque. Hard to pick the most awful acting but think I'll go with Des Barres.

  2. Effendi Ben Smith-Malick's rating of the film Pink Cadillac

    James Cromwell was a weird motel owner in some small bit part, so I should hate this for wasting him anyways. But fuck this movie for everything else. It's like Midnight Run, but really shitty.